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In the hallowed world of whiskies, Charles MacLean's name is spoken of in hushed whispers by those who worship at the altar of this amber liquid. To whisky lovers all over the world, MacLean's word is akin to the gospel and his vast experience is the compass that guides them deeper and deeper into the secrets of the single malt.

Such reverence is hardly surprising. With ten books on scotch whisky to his credit, Charles MacLean is known as the ultimate knowledge house of whiskies. He was elected a 'Keeper of the Quaich' in 1992 for his services to scotch over many years and has also been granted the rare honour of being elected 'Master of the Quaich', the industry's highest accolade, in October 2009.

A member of the Judging Panel (Spirits) of the International Wines & Spirits Competition, MacLean was trained in the sensory evaluation of potable spirits by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute in 1992 and has presented numerous tastings and talks in the United Kingdom and abroad for whisky companies, corporations, universities and clubs, and on radio and television.

Charles MacLean's master classes on the fine art of whisky appreciation are much awaited by whisky aficionados all across the globe.

To book Charles MacLean for a master class in India or a curated tour of Scottish Distilleries, please contact concierge@vaultfinespirits.com


As the saying goes, what Dave doesn't know about whisky, rum, cognac and other fine spirits is not worth knowing.

This one-man-walking-encyclopaedia has been writing and teaching about fine spirits for over twenty years and is hailed as one of the world's leading experts on the subject. A contributing editor to the Whisky Magazine UK, the editor of the Whisky Magazine Japan, columnist for Malt Advocate and many other esteemed international publications, Dave Broom's passion for fine spirits has earned him a fan following in every corner of the world. He has written 10 books on this subject, the more recent of which, 'The World Atlas of Whisky' has been called a landmark publication.

His other major accolades include multiple winner of the Glenfiddich Award for his writing and education, Harper's Spirits Personality of the Year, Keeper of the Quaich, a Kentucky Colonel and IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition) Global Communicator of the Year 2013.

Dave Broom is truly one of a kind connoisseur who straddles both the worlds of whisky as well as other fine spirits with equal ease.

To book Dave Broom for a master class in India or a curated tour of Scottish Distilleries, please contact concierge@vaultfinespirits.com


Even though his quiet demeanour is quite at odds with the flamboyant spirit that has become his soulmate, Tomas Estes is truly one of the best things to have happened to the world of tequila.

What began as a boyhood curiosity for this enigmatic, fiery drink snowballed into an all consuming passion that led Tomas again and again to Mexico. To the heart of the agave region where he learnt everything that needed to be learnt about the making and appreciation of tequila.

His love for tequila didn't go unnoticed; Tomas is one of the two Tequila Ambassadors for the Mexican Government worldwide. In fact, he has the unique distinction of being recognised twice by the Mexican National Tequila Chamber with the title of 'Ambassador to Europe for Tequila'.

One of the most influential people in the tequila industry, Tomas Estes has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Theme Magazine for his work with tequila in the hospitality industry.

This tequila messiah is also a veteran in the hospitality industry. Tomas Estes has opened 17 restaurants and/ or bars in Holland, England, France, Germany, Italy and Australia (he still owns his four flagship properties). He speaks four languages and continues to write articles about tequila in Europe and America.

In 2008 Tomas Estes was given the award of 'Outstanding Contribution to the Bar and Restaurant Industry' in the United Kingdom and was voted the 'Sixth Most Influential Person in the U.K. Bar Trade' by the readers of Theme Magazine.

To book Tomas for a master class in India or an Agave Spirit experience in Mexico, please contact concierge@vaultfinespirits.com

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